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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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.7.... now at 11:00 tonight, the other attacker, our first look at the other woman involved in shootings in california why some of her family members say they hardly knew her.
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local faith leaders speaking out against the anti-backlash and how one man compares it to feelings after 9/11. and the danger to american pilots and how one of these affected an american airlines flight. good evening, everybody, i'm jim. doreen has the night off. the fbi says it's terrorism. the shooting in california, they were inspired by isis although not directly connected to them. the backlash. we begin with chris lawrence working the investigation for the latest. >> for the second night in a row the community came together to remember the 14 people killed in san bernardino. they held a campus vigil at the university of california riverside after a day filled with revelations about the woman behind the attack.
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for the first time we have a face to put to the name tashfeen malik and new details about her past. she was born in pakistan and lived in saudi arabia a long time before moving back to pakistan to go to pharmacy school. malik met syed farook online and they got married in the holy city of mecca. she's being described as a soft-spoken housewife, a woman who avoided neighbors and wore a veil and refused to drive. her sister said she hardly knew her sister-in-law. >> i want to believe my brother was capable of doing something like this. we don't know her or her past, we don't know much about that, who she was linked to and her past. >> we learned for the first time since 1920, the front page of tomorrow's new york city will be a full page editorial calling for greater gun restriction.
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chris lawrence, jackie bensen live in freedom plaza. what are we hearing about security and the state of alert around the district tonight? >> reporter: it's important to understand the vast majority of any heightened security would not be visible to the eye, but there is a strong law enforcement presence in the nation's capitol tonight. near the verizon center more police present than usual and more vigilant behind the white house. the fbi believes terrorism this is motive for the tragedy in san bernardino, california has resulted in tightened security in the nation's capitol. it may be regular citizens who are the best defense. >> when we look back over our case is in the last 10, 15 years, almost every case we
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found somebody saw something, a friend or co-worker and didn't say something to law enforcement. >> near the u.s. capitol, headlines from around the country read, was it terrorism? radical lied, possible extremism. these two off-duty servicemen wa walked around taking it all in. >> you can never prepare for the attack. it will happen and happen to people who don't deserve it. >> there's so many great things and so many important people here that it's -- i would almost describe it as a place where people are targeted just because of it. >> reporter: a maryland fbi spokesperson tells the news4 i team the agency has received more than 100 tips locally since the terrorist attacks in paris, 30 taken seriously enough the agency did investigate. normally the fbi gets only about one or two tips a week that require further investigation. live at freedom plaza, jackie
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bensen. >> thanks. we're learning more about those lost in the attacks. the 14 victims were parents to 22 children young and grown. that includes roberted ed adam n planning a visit to disneyland next week with his 21-month-old daughter and bennetta bet badal who fled iran to escape extremism. >> she came in to have a better life and education and everything else. unfortunately it was taken away from her at an early age. the youngest victim was our ra aurora godoy. people of all faiths gathering to condemn the attack s of terrorism and gun violence. joining us live at the muslim community center in silver spring. shomari. >> reporter: good evening, jim.
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people of all different faiths joined the muslim community here at their community center. many of them condemned the attack, the terror and say radical islam is not part of islam and say the community needs to work together. >> there has been lot of backlash. >> reporter: president of the muslim council says many muslims in d.c., maryland and virginia feel anti-muslim sentiment after the recent terror attacks in paris and san bernardino. >> it's getting pretty serious. it's a very scary time. i grew up in high school during september 11 and remember that pretty vividly and not as bad as it is right now. >> reporter: the community responds by paying tribute to people who died in the attacks. >> may the families who lost their loved ones find peace in the warmth of memories that remain. >> reporter: they condemn the terrori
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terrorists. >> we join our fellow americans including the muslim community expressing our horror and outrage at this brutal attack and condemning in the strongest terms the criminals who commit these horrific acts. >> reporter: people of all fa h faiths join tonight's vigil. >> so sad to be here tonight because we look at each other's eyes and sense the fear, the anxiety. it's -- it's tragic. >> reporter: despite the backlash, saying muslims shouldn't isolate themselves. >> i feel like muslims now more than ever we need to really be engaged with the non-muslim community particularly. >> reporter: some of the muslims i talked to say mosques need to reach out to the communities and become more engaged. life here in silver spring, shomari stone. a montgomery police officer is fighting for his life. just over 24 hours ago a susp t
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suspected drunk driver hit him during a traffic stop. the officer was out of his cruiser last night when he was hit by a small suv on rockville pike there. police tell us 47-year-old lewis relisco was behind the wheel and taken into custody of suspicion of driving under the influence of chol and/or drugs. he has not been charged pending results of a blood test and investigation. officer liotta volunteered to work last night on a special holiday patrol. he's now in critical condition. we have a warning from the faa about holiday light machi machines. this comes just as we reported last night how decorations like star shower can be distracting for pilots. we don't know what brand was used in this case. the faa reports an american airlines flight just outside of delays was hit by laser from a holiday light machine last
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night. a police helicopter traced the source to a property that had one of the beams shooting into the sky. the faa warns consumers who buy these new light displays should take precautions to make sure that the lights are hitting their houses and shot shining off into the sky. in situations like this, we would start by asking the person to either adjust them or turn them off. red croix helping people find a new place to live tonight after a two alarm fire in d.c.'s u street corridor. they set up a reception center in front of the building on 12th and u streets northwest. we know the fire started on a second floor balcony this morning but unclear what sparked it. the balconies were made of a combustible material and that allowed the fire to spread up through the walls and four fl r floorsbuilding. no one was hurt. it's pretty clear out now but you can feel the chill when you step out.
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amelia with the word. >> absolutely. it's cold out there. most of us in the 30s. washington, one of the exceptions, currently coming in at 41 degrees. manassas, already down to 28. a cold start for your saturday morning but tracking plenty of sunshine, not just during the morning hours tomorrow but throughout the day. 6:00 a.m., suburbs in the mid-20s to low 30s, temperatures around 36. will warm up pretty quickly by 10:00 a.m., a chilly 43 degrees. testaments tomorrow as well as sunday running a little bit above normal. i'll let you know just how warm it will get coming up in my updated forecast. >> thanks. new video of an armed neighborhood in d.c. police want to know if you recognize this man in a parking lot booth north of m streets yesterday afternoon. you can see the parking attendant hand over all the money to the robber and then the robber pepper sprays that
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attendant and walks away. call police if you have any information. tonight, chipotle says its recent e.coli scare sent sales plummeting and expects them to be down as much as 11% through the end of the year. all that as we learned one of the most recent people to get sick lives in central maryland, one of seven new cases since the initial outbreak in washington state. chipolte says it will impose stricter rules for food safety including testing all food produce in smaller batches and training for handling food. investigators still don't know which ingredient triggered the outbreak but unlikely that congratulate is still -- ingredient is still in the food supply. september stretches to the entire month of december. how shipping wars could save you money and a whole lot of time. budget setbacks at the rio
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olympics. wait until you hear what they're talking about taking away from the athletes in the olympic village to save some money. a special appearance at a yu2 concert in paris.
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he played opposite tom hanks in that classic scene from the movie, "big." today, accomplished character
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actor robert loggia, gangster hit "scar face" among his movies and he was 85 years old. returning to the city of light this weekend. eagles of death medal will join u2 during a last song concert on sunday. y u2 was scheduled to play the night of the paris attacks. u2 offered its plain and met with them after the attacks. everyday has become cyber monday. that trend has started a sh shipping war of sorts. businesses competing to get it m items delivered faster to you than ever before. brian moore has our story. >> reporter: just as christmas trees are lighting up, online
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retailers are working on lightning fast delivery. >> they're trying to get to it you as quickly as possible. same day. that's what they're all competing for now. >> reporter: amazon has been a leader in shippi inping expedie and others are playing catch-up offering same day or next day sh shipping. amazon is raising the bar with prime now offering two hour delivery in 24 markets in the u.s. and even one hour delivery options for $8. >> they just want to get it to you as fast as possible and they will use any means at their disposal and why drones are -- >> reporter: amazon has been developing unmanned aircraft, drones to get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. >> the fact the technology exists is interesting, right now a sense of public sentiment and government sense of whether this is safe for people or not. >> reporter: that service won't take off until the faa gives its
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approval. what sounds like science fiction could be up and running by next christmas. even google and walmart are j p jumping onto the drone wagon and starting to test their own delivery seasons. for this holiday season you might want to get your own drone for under the tree, delivered the old-fashioned way. brian moore, nbc news. next year, summer games in rio, have been plagued by delays and budget problems. now, athletes may have to do without something we all take for granted. ac. olympic officials have had to cut the weathbudget for the gam more than half a billion dollars. among those cuts is air-conditioning in the bedrooms of the olympic village. more than 10,000 athletes will be in rio for the games which take place during the brazilian winter. temperatures there still average in the 70s. from here, that doesn't sound too bad, 70s in december.
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>> no. for the first week of december here we're looking at nice temperatures. >> it hasn't been bad. >> beautiful sunshine, high of 53. we will continue to warm up for saturday and sunday. highs low to mid-50s for your sunday. overall spectacular weekend weather, somebody asking me on my twitter page, is frost an issue tomorrow morning for the golfers out there. frost is a tricky forecast but certainly a possibility especially tomorrow morning and areas. something you might want to keep in mind. talk about little rain chances the next seven days. i will be showing it to you in a second. overall, we're looking at temperatures to run above average the next seven days and the month of december. the climate prediction center says temperatures should be a little bit above normal. tomorrow, having impact on your day. have sunglasses and it will be a
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cold start. 36, 7:00 a.m. and lunchtime, 50, and 3:00, 54 and temperature of 47 at 6:00 p.m., if you're he heading to the holiday party. with a warm coat, you will be just fine and weather looking great hanging the holiday rights or getting the christmas tree. sunday, high temperature of 55 degrees. cloudiness around breakfast. lunchtime we should have full sunshine and more clouds roll back in around dinnertime. we start off the day with temps around 40 and hang out for the 50s lunchtime and working our way to dinner. monday, plenty of clouds in the forecast but keep it dry, high temperature of 52 degrees he heading to the redskins game. monday evening, kick-off, 8:30. temperatures for the game in this 40s with partly cloudy s
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skies and dry conditions for the game. tuesday, mix of sun and high around 50 and wednesday mostly sunny skies and highs around mid-50s. notice the average high around 49 degrees. every temperature is above that. there's a chance of showers, especially if you're east of i-95. high temperature thursday, 53 degrees. friday, looking nice. we dry out and any rain in the forecast has moved out of here and balmy for this time of year. friday, high temperature of 59 degrees. >> we're loving that weekend. >> it's looking great and next weekend althouso looking great. >> coming up, wizards were small in stature tonight but that didn't seem to bother bradley beal and company. first, here's jimmie. hi, guy, here to perform! and eva
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it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. this is the xfinity sportsdesk. your home to the most live sports. >> chris myles tonight in csn stud studios. wizards win and a close one. >> five losses in six games. they needed to stop the bleeding and did it with big men, nene and kris humphries and small ball prevails against the phoenix suns. randy wittman looking for his ve vertically challenged lineup to pay off. nothing wrong with bradley
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beal's vertical. he scored 13 points in the third quarter. wiz down by seven heading to the fourth. less than two minutes to play, beal dishing to otto porter and won! wizards take their first lead since the fourth quartirst quar. beal, not passing thistime. game high, 34 for him, just three points shy of his career high, wizards up by three. suns with a chance to tie it up. eric bledso, too strong. wizards rally for the much needed victory and win 109-106. >> talk about heart, we did a great job defendin ining and do whatever it took to win. we stayed with it. >> these are the type of game hyoufs to win over the course of an 82 game season. some games you mix and match the lineup and fight and grit it out.
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everybody that stepped in tonight did a great job. they showed a lot of heart and we were able to pull the game out. >> second ranked maryland hosts st. francis, new football coach, d.j. gherkin and his family at the game. the three-point arc in the first half, 16 points in the game for the senior. the freshman also putting in work. his name is diamond stone, pl playing good defense, turning it into easy offense, 16 points for him. maryland up big! and it stays that way in the second half. rob carter, game high 20 points, maryland wins 96-55. while the wahoos have their guy. bronco mendenhall this is new head coach of the university of virginia. he has led byu to 11 kiv bowl ga games, virginia has only appe appeared in three bowl game is
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in that same stand. virginia, 5a playoffs. first quarter, stone bridgetting on, joe thompson finds smedly. two seconds left. the high school version of the packers. the quarterback, daniel smith, hail mary, this one is full of grace. comes down on the hands of nick. 53-yard touchdown, still bridge still let at the half. too tough to keep up with the offense. stone ridge in a state championship game next saturday. a 54-41 win for them. congrats to them. >> a big day in college basketball tomorrow. at
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tyler will be joined by his band four other musical acts when they play a concert to benefit the school resource officer in fairfax. the officer's daughter has autism and needs a service dog. they cost about 15,0$15,000. robinson's students are using the go fund me page to help the family reach their goal. >> i thought it was a really good cause and when someone asked no help i was more than willing. >> he's part of our family and when someone needs something in a family, you take care of them. >> to learn more about the
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concert and fund-raising this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sting and mylene farmer. eva longoria.


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